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The roller coaster of confusion

I have been given a gift, I am well aware of it. From the time that I was 9 or 10 years old I had come to the realization that I could draw very well. As time went on I was also successful in other area of art.... photography, painting and sculpting. There is nothing for me in life that competes with the act of creating, I slip into my work, my head, the materials and time just slips away. It is an emotional high, like a drug that is produced in my own body........but, in everything there is balance, what goes up must come down, so to speak. As up as I can get from art, the downs can be just as big, just as emotional but in a negative fashion. I am not sure why this happens too me, maybe it does to many artists, I just don't know. I tend to think maybe it is a byproduct of being a creative person, it isn't like I can just turn of the faucet. There tends to be balance in nature, a reaction to every action, the ying and yang of creation. You have the high, you must deal with the low as well. So I do the best that I can to dig out of the lows knowing that there is another peak just around the corner.

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