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About me

Christopher A Buonomo



          Art is not only about the finished product, in my mind the journey towards completion of a specific piece is equally as satisifying. Often when I look back at something that I have made I think about the enjoyment that I felt as I was creating it.

          I have been very fortunate in my days to have had so many adventures and opportunities to help define who I am, and what I create.

           I was lucky to live in Prague for a few years. This time in my life gave me a great understanding of how important craft and technique are to the overall aesthetic. Seeing chisel marks on a stone or piece of timber from several hundred years ago was awe inspiring. The beauty, skill, and  inspiration in what I saw will be with me for all my life.

          Long have I felt the belief that everything that an artist creates should feel like an extension of himself, I feel an affinity with each and every sculpture, drawing, and painting that I create.

          It is my deepest hope that I can convey these feelings through my art and hopefully give others some of the the same enjoyment in my work.

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